Students Projects (Completed: 83)

Project Awards (10)
  • 2011 Suresh Chandra Memorial Trust Award for B. Tech Proj. in Mech. Eng.: Development and Verification of Interface for Modular Design of Mobile Robots
  • 2011 BOSS Award for Best Hardcore Exp. B. Tech Proj. in Mech. Eng.: Control and Stability of an Inverted Pendulum System--Strategies and Implementation
  • 2010 MM Suri Award for Best Hardware M. Tech Project in Mech. Eng.: System Integration and Control of Omni-directional Walking Simulator

Research Activities

Research Areas

Here is an account of my research activities stemmed from my Ph. D at McGill (Canada), Post-doctoral research at Toshiba (Japan) and Univ. of Stuttgart (Germany), funded projects, and student projects (Ph. D/M.S./B. Tech, etc.).